Wednesday, May 24, 2017

When to use ArcGIS Online to publish geospatial data: CASE STUDY EUROPEAN ENVIRONMENT AGENCY

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ArcGIS Online is a workspace and a web platform for creating and sharing maps. It is possible to upload your data, create a layer or a map, define the extent, set some visualization options, assign permissions to your layer or map, share, and create web mapping applications or story maps. For information about the other capabilities please visit

The ArcGIS online platform is designed to host small datasets, for example demographic datasets. The datasets uploaded to ArcGIS online are relatively small in size, and should not exceed 1-2MB, or around 5000 records. This is to keep the agencies costs down and keep in line with our ArcGIS online pricing plan. It is for this reason that ArcGIS online should not be used to host large datasets, and tiled image services must NOT be uploaded to ArcGIS online. To publish bigger datasets and image services, please refer to the ArcGIS Server.


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