Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Catch Exception - Attempted to read or write protected memory in ESRI ArcObjects .Net 4.0 Framework

First - Don't write the code to throw "Attempted to read or write protected memory" is bad.

Second - If you are working on legacy codes and COM objects that throws "Attempted to read or write protected memory" while writing ArcMap add-ins, catch exceptions to prevent application crash, in my case ArcMap.

Step #1 - Add following snippet to config file - app.config for Arc-addin

      <legacyCorruptedStateExceptionsPolicy enabled="true" />
Step #2

Add -

on the top of function you are tying catch the exception

public IFeatureLayer GetOrCreateFeatureLayer(string path, esriGeometryType type, ISpatialReference sr)

// This program runs as part of an automated test system so you need 
// to prevent the normal Unhandled Exception behavior (Watson dialog). 
// Instead, print out any exceptions and exit with an error code. 
public static int Main() 
       // Catch any exceptions leaking out of the program CallMainProgramLoop(); 
   catch (Exception e) 
       // We could be catching anything here 
         // The exception we caught could have been a program error
        // or something much more serious. Regardless, we know that
        // something is not right. We'll just output the exception 
       // and exit with an error. We won't try to do any work when
       // the program or process is in an unknown state!

        return 1; 

  return 0; 



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