Monday, August 19, 2013

New features on 2013 TIGER/Line Shapefiles & Geodatabases

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On Thursday, August 22, 2013, the 2013 TIGER/Line Shapefiles will be released along with a new product, the TIGER Geodatabases. 

The TIGER/Line Shapefiles will include a coastline feature starting this year.  The coastline was delineated by the Census Bureau in the MAF/TIGER database based on water measurement class for display of statistical information only; its depiction and designation for statistical purposes does not constitute a determination of jurisdictional authority or rights of ownership or entitlement and it is not a legal land description. 
The TIGER Geodatabases will include:
  • National Edges file (14.5 GB)
  • National Roads file (3.6 GB)
  • National Blocks file
  • National Linear Hydrography file
  • National Aeral Hydrography file
  • National Sub-State Geography file (includes state, county, incorporated place, census designated place, consolidated city, county subdivision, census tract, and block group geography)
  • National Nation-Level Geography file
  • National Legislative Areas file
  • National School Districts file
  • National American Indian Area Related file
  • National Rails file
  • National Address Ranges file
  • State-based files (one per state)

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