Thursday, March 3, 2016

Esri Leaflet Dynamic TileLayer Plugin Example

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While working in one my Esri-Leaflet based application, I am stumbled on rendering dynamic map layers on tiled basis. Esri leaflet-api does the perfect job on non-tiled layer display but L.esri.DynamicMapLayer, doesn’t provide the tiled dynamic map layers. Looking around I came across the Tiled dynamic layer plugin for esri-leaflet, for displaying the DynamicMapLayer in tiled mode.

Here I have created both non-tiled and tiled DynamicMapLayer version for comparison using plain esri-leaflet and esri-leaflet with plugin.

Gallery: Animated Dendrograms using D3.js

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Lists of animated dendrograms using D3.js
1) Dendrogram with root to node selected path highlight, zoom and pan
2) Species sunburst
3) Species wheel with zoom pan feature
4) Collapsible dendrogram with root to node selected path highlight plus zoom/pan

How to display HTML5 applications from Github Gist to

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The is a simple viewer for HTML/CSS/JavaScript code examples hosted on Github Gist, which is built by Mike Bostock. In other words, is a tool which will convert the Gist code into the format you see in allowing you to view HTML/ CSS / JavaScript applications directly from GitHub/Gist. GitHub is a web based version control and source code repository and Gists are a great way to share your source code among the peers.

Gists could be anything, but in HTML/JavaScript perspective, it could be a beautiful visualization using d3.js, interactive web map using Leaflet or Openlayers or ESRI Javascript API, and web map with WMS layers etc. Gists can share single files, parts of files, or full applications.

If you have built a beautiful visualization using HTML/JavaScript and want to view on 
Here is how to do this.


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