Friday, December 21, 2012

Dissolve ERROR 999999: Error executing function. The Geometry has no Z values.

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Solution to Dissolve ERROR 999999: Error executing function. The Geometry has no Z values.
ArcToolbox>Repair Geometry and delete features with empty geometries
ArcToolbox > Conversion Tools>To Shapefile>Environments>General Settings>Output has Z values = Disabled, Output has M values = Disabled>OK>Input features/Output features>OK
ArcToolbox>Dissolve> happy :))


NASA Internship Opportunity for GIS Students

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NASA announced NASA’s DEVELOP Summer 2013 Internship Program for undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) or Remote Sensing. This is a paid 10-week internship program located at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California that begins June 3, 2012 (for semester system) or June 17 (for quarter system).

Student teams research NASA science capabilities relevant to community concerns, create and complete projects using remote sensing and GIS techniques, and create advanced computer generated visualizations demonstrating research results. The activities are student-led, with mentors from NASA and partner organizations. Students of all majors are welcome to apply! Please see the attached flyer.

A stipend will be provided for selected students. Student housing options are also available on-site. Attached is a flyer to post in your department. Please feel free to forward this email to any other department or people you think might be interested. Applications must be postmarked by Monday February 4th, 2013. Interviews will be conducted after applications are received. Students selected for a summer 2013 DEVELOP internship will be notified by late April.

For further information on the DEVELOP Internship Program at NASA Ames Research Center, please access the National Program website at:

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

ASPRS 2013 Annual Conference

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The ASPRS 2013 Annual Conference is coming soon. Start making your plans to attend today!

Year 2013 promises to be an encouraging period due to the successful launch (fingers crossed!) of the LDCM Earth observing satellite (January 2013). We anticipate first look imagery from Landsat 8 will be presented at our conference!

Start making plans to attend today.

Don’t Miss these Conference Highlights:

v  Outstanding Keynote Session Speaker
v  Student & Young Professional Focused Events and Special Sessions
v  80+ Technical Paper Presentations
v  UAS Showcase in the Exhibit Hall
v  Outstanding Exhibitors
v  Social Project – Operation Sock Drop
*Workshops and the Classified Session are not included in the general registration fee. Special student pricing available for workshops. ASPRS reserves the right to cancel any workshop if the minimum number of registrations is not received. 
Click here to view the registration fees.

Landscape Dynamics Along Environmental Gradients 2013 Annual Symposium Austin, TX | April 14-18, 2013

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Call for Presentations USIALE 2013

The organizing committee of the 28th Annual Symposium of the U.S. Chapter of the International Association of Landscape Ecologists invites you to present your research in Austin, Texas this April 14-18, 2013. Our theme this year is “Landscape Dynamics Along Environmental Gradients.”
Presentation abstracts must be submitted by January 8, 2013. Notification of abstract acceptance will be given by February 1, 2013.

The meeting will attract educators and practitioners in the fields of ecology, biology, geography, geology, and landscape preservation and design dedicated to preserving and protecting our natural resources. Highlights will include workshops, plenary sessions, symposia, field trips, oral presentations and posters.

Austin and the Central Texas area are uniquely situated at the intersection of the Blackland Prairies, Cross Timbers and Edwards Plateau ecoregions. As such, the area is home to a large diversity of species and landscapes including iconic species such as the endangered golden-cheeked warbler and Barton Springs salamander. Mean daily low and high temperatures in April are 60F and 80F. Field trips will highlight unique environments of Central Texas including local research facilities, the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center and excursions into the Hill Country.

To submit your abstract, please visit:

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Extract Raster Values from Points

The R blog article encourages me to write this solution to extract Raster values from points in R.

In geospatial analysis, extracting the raster value of a point is a common task. If you have few raster files or few points; you can extract the raster value by overlaying a point on the top of the raster using ArcGIS. What will you do, if you have hundreds of raster files and thousands of points? The easy solution is use loop in Python and ArcGIS. Is loop efficient to use? No. Can loop be avoided? Yes.

Then how? 

Follow the steps:
Step 1: Create a Raster stack or Raster brick of your raster files using “raster” package in R.
For example:
rasStack = stack(raster1, raster2,raster3 …rasterN)

Step 2:  Read point data, and convert them into spatial points data frame.
Sample: pointfile.csv
For example:
coordinates(pointCoordinates)= ~ LONGITUDE+ LATITUDE

Step 3: Extract raster value by points
For example:
rasValue=extract(rasStack, pointCoordinates)

Step 4:  Combine raster values with point and save as a CSV file.
For example:
write.table(combinePointValue,file=“combinedPointValue.csv”, append=FALSE, sep= ",", row.names = FALSE, col.names=TRUE)

Step 5: You should get the results as following table.
Result: combinedPointValue.csv
-0. 4

Friday, September 28, 2012

Rich Web Experiance 2012

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Take Your Web Skills to the Next Level
Join us in Fort Lauderdale, FL     November 27 - 30, 2012
Early Bird Registration Ends October 22nd
The Rich Web Experience is the event that brings together web architects, developers, and designers who are changing the face of the web. You will gain a deeper understanding of emerging technologies, fresh ideas, and best practices.
RWX 2012 will offer a 120 sessions/workshops on: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ajax Libraries, jQuery, Semantic Web, iPhone, Android, Netty, Dojo, CoffeeScript, Solr, Node.js, Security, Semantic Web, NoSQL (Neo4J & MongoDB), and more.
Featured Speakers
·         Nancy Lyons - Co-author Interactive Project Management
·         Venkat Subramaniam - Founder of Agile Developer, Inc.
·         Connie Finkelman - Front-end Experience Architect
·         Brian Sletten - Forward Leaning Software Engineer
·         Meghan Wilker - Co-author Interactive Project Management
·         Brian Sam-Bodden - Java author, Ruby geek and Open Source Advocate
·         Craig Walls - Author of Spring in Action
·         Kenneth Kousen - Author of "Making Java Groovy"
·         Nathaniel Schutta - Author, speaker, software engineer focused on user interface design.
·         Raju Gandhi - Java/Ruby Developer/Language Geek
·         James Harmon - Android Expert
·         Ken Sipe - Architect, Web Security Expert
·         Dan Allen - Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, Author and Open Source Advocate
·         Christopher Judd - Developer, Consultant, Author & Mobility Expert
·         Matthew McCullough - VP of Training, GitHub
·         Pratik Patel - CTO TripLingo & Code Hacker
·         David Chandler - Member of Google Web Toolkit Team
·         Tim Berglund - GitHubber
·         Peter Bell - Senior VP Engineering, General Assembly
·         Matt Stine - Enterprise Java/Cloud Consultant
·         Tom Valletta - Open Web Evangelist
·         Gabriel Dayley - Senior Software Developer
·         Denise Jacobs - Author of "The CSS Detective Guide"
·         Adrian Cole - Founder of jClouds
·         Luke Daley - Principal Engineer @ Gradleware
·         Erik Hatcher - co-author of "Lucene in Action"
·         James Ward - Principal Developer Evangelist, Heroku
·         Seth Ladd - Chrome Developer Advocate
·         Les Hazlewood - Apache Shiro PMC Chair
·         Michal Budzynski - HTML5 game developer working on Boot2Gecko at Mozilla
·         Aaron Frost - Front End Junkie, Wannabe Author, Aspiring Designer
·         Pete Campbell - Developer, Consultant, Principal @ Sumiro Labs LLC
·         Jason Porter - Senior Software Engineer Red Hat
·         Simone Bordet - Senior Engineer @ Intalio/Webtide
Workshops + Receive an iPad or Android Tablet Rebate
RWX 2012 will include 8 optional full-day workshops, including: iOS, Android, AppCelerator, HTML5, jQuery, JavaScript, Web Security, and Grails. In addition, RWX will offer over 20 half-day workshop sessions. Those who register for the iOS or Android workshops may select a registration option that includes a $500 credit towards the purchase of an iPad or an Android tablet. See the website for workshop details.
Alumni Discount
NFJS and Rich Web Experience are eligible to receive an additional $150 disount! To take advantage of this offer use the discount code: rwx150cdealum
Two Great Events
RWX / CDX will be held in conjunction with The Continuous Delivery experience. CDX is a renaming of the Project Automation Experience event. CDX will focus on automation techniques used to create better software for the Java Platform. CDX is your opportunity to learn from automation experts; covering Continuous Delivery, Cloud, Jenkins, Sonar, Chef, Puppet and Gradle projects. Your pass to RWX / CDX includes access to The Continuous Delivery Experience. 
Westin Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort
Where miles of spectacular soft sand beaches meet the far-reaching blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean stands The Westin Beach Resort, Fort Lauderdale. An oceanfront retreat with an inspirational setting on Fort Lauderdale Beach. 
All Inclusive Travel Packages
Save time and money. We are offering all inclusive travel packages that include: conference registration, 3 or 4 nights lodging (depending on package), and airfare (within the continental US). These rates are great, check out the details at:
Two Great Events

The Rich Web Experience will be co-located with the Continuous Delivery Experience

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