Monday, April 20, 2015

How to remove twitter headers and footer from twitter widget?

There are two ways to remove twitter headers and footer from the widget:

Method 1: Add data-chrome attribute to anchor tag

<a class="twitter-timeline" href="" data-widget-id="YOUR_WIDGET_ID" data-chrome="nofooter noborders transparent">Tweets by @TWITTER_ID </a>

Method 2: Using CSS

.timeline-header, .timeline-footer
          display:none ;

More customization on Embedded timelines : Customization Options



Valerie Alexander on 3/16/2016 9:56 AM said...

i know this is somewhat old but still very helpful, thank you!

Jane Murphy said...

i know this service is perfect for fixing this problem, try it and give an answer!enjoy

Anonymous said...

I agree, this is old, but the first method worked for me. Thanks!

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