Monday, November 28, 2011

MODIS Data Products Naming Convention

Are you wondering on MODIS products' naming convention? Don't worry !!. This is the time to dig out MODIS names. Let's say you have few MODIS products.

Nadir BRDF-Adjusted Reflectance (NBAR): MCD43B4.A2000185.h25v03.005.2006299173851.hdf

MODIS Land Surface Temperature Products: MOD11A2.A2002241.h12v02.005.2007222102136.hdf

MCD43B4 or MOD11A2- MODIS Product Short Name

A2000185 or A2002241 - Julian Date of Acquisition (A-YYYYDDD)

h25v03 or h12v02- Tile Identifier (Tile location- horizontalXXverticalYY)

005 - Collection Version

2006299173851 or 2007222102136- Julian Date of Production (YYYYDDDHHMMSS)

The YYYYDDD of above products equivalent to 2006299 and 2007222, which means Year:2006 Day of Year:299 (OCT 25, 2006) & Year:2007 Day of Year:222(AUG 09,2007)

hdf - Data Format (HDF-EOS)

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