Wednesday, January 9, 2013

GIS Programming for GIS Analyst using Python

Penn state has a nice collection of ArcGIS & Python programming step by step guide for their GEOG 485 students, which is also available for non-students via Penn state website.  This course’s is main aim is to make student able to use the Python scripting language to automate GIS tasks in ArcMap, assemble ArcView geoprocessing tools into models to solve GIS problems, and run the tools from scripts to automate GIS tasks. 

Although no previous programming experience is assumed, the course's target is to make a student as a GIS programmer/analyst in ArcGIS and Python environment. 

The course is basically divided into four parts:

Part 1: Introductionto GIS modeling and Python

You will learn fundamentals of python.

Part 2: Python and programming basics

You will dive into Python fundamentals and will get a better understanding of  the Python concepts as they are explained and demonstrated from several different perspectives.

Part 3: GIS data access and manipulation with Python

You will learn the ways to read and write GIS data using Python. How you can create and open datasets within a script? How you can read and write data using both geoprocessing tools and cursor objects? It also has few steps by step guide to manipulate rasters with Python. 

Part 4:Practical Python for the GIS analyst

“You'll learn now to modularize a section of code to make it usable in multiple places. You'll learn how to use new Python modules, such as os, to open and read files; then you'll transfer the information in those files into geographic datasets that can be read by ArcGIS. Finally, you'll learn how to use your operating system to automatically run Python scripts at any time of day".

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