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New 2014 GIS Internship/Jobs Opportunities

1) 2014 Summer Opportunities: Yosemite National Park, CA
These four summer positions involve a complete remeasurement of the 25.6 ha Yosemite Forest Dynamics Plot, located near Crane Flat in old-growth sugar pine/white fir forest. The plot burned at generally low to moderate severity in the 2013 Rim Fire. Tasks include revisiting each tree and snag; recording mortalities, ingrowth, and newly fallen wood; measuring scorch and snag heights; and mapping shrub patches, down CWD and areas of the forest floor that did not burn. Other tasks include measuring fuel consumption along fixed transects, installing and measuring dendrometers, and collecting data from associated instrumentation. Mortality checks require hatchet use. Staff will supervise students and volunteers.
Qualifications: Previous experience taking vegetation research data, working safely in challenging environments, and following complex data collection protocols is required. Candidates should demonstrate the ability to solve problems and to work both independently and in teams of two or three. Work will involve moving through sometimes steep, rocky terrain with delicate and expensive equipment, as well as the ability to carry up to 15 kg of additional gear. Work experience in post-fire forests strongly desired, as is some knowledge of western flora, tree pathogens, and forest insects. Staff must have a driver’s license and a Wilderness First Aid/CPR certification (or higher) valid until August 31, 2014 (if you are not certified, please include your plans for certification in your cover letter). Other: Practical experience in the operation and maintenance of computer, electronic, and mechanical equipment; familiarity with a variety of software and instrumentation; and experience with periods of outdoor living are all positives.
Duration: Late-May – mid-August 2014; there is some schedule flexibility for people graduating from ‘quarter system’ universities.
Salary: $10 to $13 per hour, depending on experience. Camping accommodations provided. The work schedule is four, ten hour days per week. Apply: Please assemble all of the following into a single PDF file and email it .
1) A one-page cover letter describing your interests, reasons for applying, and specific dates of availability (including any planned mid-summer absences), 2) A resume or CV, no longer than two pages, 3) Unofficial transcripts, and 4) Phone numbers and email addresses of references (please do not send letters of reference). Additional information and background at:, the Facebook Group "Yosemite Forest Dynamics Plot", and the group ‘WesternForestInitiative’. Application deadline: January 31, 2014. Decisions: February 28, 2014. Exceptional candidates will be selected earlier. James A. Lutz Assistant Professor, Forest Ecology Utah State University

2) 2014 Summer Environmental Internships at SERC
The Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC) in Edgewater, Maryland offers undergraduate, recent graduates (less than 12 months of start date) and beginning graduate students a unique opportunity to gain hand-on experience in the fields of environmental research and education. The program enables students to work on specific projects while getting experience in valuable lab techniques all under the direction of the Center's professional staff. The program is tailored to provide the maximum educational benefit to each participant.
SERC is focused on understanding the causes and consequences of environmental change for marine, freshwater, and terrestrial ecosystems. Interns at SERC conduct independent projects over 12 -16 weeks utilizing our 2,650 acre research site on the shores of Chesapeake Bay to provide novel insights into some of the most profound issues challenging our world today, including habitat loss, climate change, and invasive species. The Smithsonian Environmental Research Center has maintained an REU site since 2001 and those students sponsored have used our professional-training programs as a stepping stone to pursue advanced careers in the environmental sciences.
Application to the SERC Internship Program consists of a registration form, transcripts, personal essay, resume, and two letters of recommendation using the Smithsonian On-line Academic Appointment (SOLAA) system at: For more information please visit our web site: The Smithsonian Institution is an Equal Opportunity Employer.Under-represented minorities are strongly encouraged to apply Daniel E Gustafson, Jr.Smithsonian Environmental Research CenterProfessional Training & Volunteer CoordinatorPO Box 28647 Contees Wharf RdEdgewater, MD. 21037443-482-2217

3) Tropical Conservation, Permaculture & Research Internship in the Rainforest of Ecuador
Applications for the Fall Internship Session are due Monday, September 9th.Applications for the Winter Internship Session are due Wednesday, October 9th.We are working towards a sustainable future in the rainforest of Ecuador andwe need help! In 2007, a few of us—ecology, economics, and businessgraduates—founded a non-profit organization called Third MillenniumAlliance. We raised some money and bought a lot of land in a criticallyendangered rainforest and established an ecological reserve (Jama-CoaqueReserve). There was a small patch of previously degraded land right in themiddle where we have built an innovative and surprisingly comfortableresearch station out of bamboo by hand. Immediately surrounding the house weare designing/growing/building a living laboratory of sustainable resourcemanagement (i.e. permaculture), which also serves as our field headquartersfor biological scientific research and forest monitoring.

Project Activities: Interns are encouraged to take on high-impact anddynamic projects; we are a young organization forging our path as wediscover it. There is a tremendous amount of work to be done and experienceto be gained – for interns and for us. Above all, creativity, innovation,and self-motivation are the fuel of our intern program.

In addition to work managing the agroforestry production zone and organicvegetable garden, each intern is assigned a personal project, which is akinto a "thesis" of sort, but of a much more practical nature. Generallyspeaking, there are three categories of personal projects: 1) conservationbiology research and 2) permaculture/sustainable food production and landmanagement, and 3) appropriate technology.

The following is a list of some of the projects we're looking to tackleduring the upcoming sessions. Some are new projects and others are ongoingand multi-year projects. Projects with stars next to them are of highinterest and priority. When applying please prioritize three projects fromthe list below in the order of most interest.

Flora & Fauna Research:• *Camera trap survey of wild felines* (ocelot)• *Ethnobotany* (requires strong Spanish-speaking skills)• *Monkey Troop Survey (Howler & critically endangered White Fronted Capuchin)• *Investigation of Endangered Avifauna - (Ornithology experience and strongSpanish-speaking skills required for community surveying)

Food Production• Production Zone Intensive – Focused on increasing food production, cropzonification & rotation, plant propagation, care/maintenance, integratedpest management and food preservation (ie, canning)

Appropriate Technology• *Working with natural materials *(mainly, native bamboo and mate gourds)to build home appliances (e.g., cutlery, drinking cups, bowls, garden pots,balcony boxes, candle holders, etc.)• *Design and build a non-electrical refrigerator*• Design and build a solar food dehydratorFall Internship Dates:October 20th – December 15thFall Application Deadline:Monday, September 9thWinter Internship Dates:January 8th, 2014 - March 5th, 2014Winter Application Deadline:Wednesday October 9th

To see a complete program description, please visit our "Internship" page atour website at Here you can download the applicationform and contact details, as well as other media, such as theintern-maintained blog, and the program FAQ.

We look forward to working with you! 
Jordan TrujilloInternship CoordinatorThird Millennium AllianceJama, Ecuador

UMBC, Dept. of Geography & Environmental Systems
Jobs/Internships Digest, No. 9
September 30, 2013

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