Monday, February 2, 2015

Getting into ESRI ArcGIS Add-in Development in .Net and ArcObjects

Recently, I landed into a project for ArcGIS/ArcMap Desktop add-in development using ArcObjects in C#. I am a newbie in both ArcObjects and add-in development. Googling through I got tons of snippets on the ArcMap add-in development, but I was not familiar with tailoring them to make a working application.

Then, I started to look after Youtube and Amazon to see if any good basic books or tutorials that gives me basic concepts on tailoring the  ArcObjects/.Net snippets. On youtube, I came across a video tutorials series on “.Net programming with ArcOjects”, an excellent tutorial on ArcObjects and .Net development with sample Gis data and codes to download  by Hussein Nasser. I watched all 15 episodes on add-in development using VB.Net.

From the Amazon, I bought a book entitled, “Beginning ArcGIS for Desktop Development using .NET ” by Pouria Amirian, with a blind believe on the reviewers, but it turned out the 
The book is wonderful! The author does an excellent job of explaining basic .NET concepts and tying them into ArcObjects.This book was long overdue and it seems like the author really took his time to ensure the content was organized in a logical way and concepts are thoroughly explained.

I would recommend this book and Youtube video to anyone who is interested in learning ArcObjects in .NET. The both author includes .NET code samples as well as the solutions in C#/VB. Lots of useful stuff in there and I think when you finished you will have a good starting point to ArcGIS Desktop development.

From the Book Back Cover
Your complete, step-by-step guide to getting started with ArcGISDesktop programming in .NET

ArcGIS Desktop is a powerful suite of software tools for creating and using maps, compiling, analyzing and sharing geospatial information, and managing spatial databases. As with any sophisticated software package, getting the hang of ArcGIS forDesktop applications can be a bit tricky, even for experienced programmers and GIS professionals.
Whether you are an ArcGIS user with no background in programming or a programmer without experience with the ArcGIS platform, this book arms you with everything you need to get going with ArcObjects programming in .NET—right away.
Written by a leading expert in geospatial information system design and development, it provides concise, step-by-step guidance,illustrated with best-practice examples, along with plenty of ready-to-use source code. In no time you'll progress from .NET programming basics to understanding ArcObjects to customizing and building your own Desktop Add-Ins— all the way through application deployment.
Among other things, you'll learn to:
Perform interface-based programming in .NET
Create Desktop Add-Ins such as buttons, toolbars, and dockable windows
Read ArcObjects object model diagrams
Access maps and layers
Query geospatial data and work with three types of cursors
Render vector and raster layers
Embed hyperlinks and flexible map tips
Manage geospatial data through the geodatabases model
Manipulate shapefiles and geodatabases
Boost functionality with the geoprocessing framework
Perform background geoprocessing
Deploy custom components with custom behavior
Deploy add-ins
From performing simple spatial queries and bulk loading of avast amount of vector data to background geoprocessing,Beginning ArcGIS for Desktop Development Using .NET gives you everything you need to adapt this powerful tool to suit your needs.

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  1. Is there a sample code or tutorial create an add-in that allow user to get coordinate in Active map by clicking.



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