Monday, May 16, 2011

Good Book for GIS Beginners: Book I

Getting to know ArcGIS Desktop is one of the book kept in my collections ever. I started GIS from this book in 2009. It is easy, simple, and step by step tutorials with lots of real time beginner's project.

This book has very useful basics for using ArcGIS 10 , especially ArcMap 10 . It is primarily targeted for beginners with lots of hand on exercises, which are easy to follow with plenty of screen shots that made it easy to find the necessary buttons/menus/lists on my screen.

However, the major drawback of this book is the ArcGIS software comes with book has 180 days license.  

Most of the universities uses this book for GIS beginners. .In this book is come up with special discount. Don't forget to catch the deal. I have lots of GIS books in my bookshelf,  I will write about them later. Hope this helps for you. Cheers !! Grab a coffee and enjoy your work..

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