Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Raster Misalignment with Base Data in ArcMap10

In the early Friday morning of mid May, I got an email from one of my team member about raster misalignment problem in ArcGIS10. I also tried to overlay couples of previously working Tiff and Grid raster files in ArcMap9.3 and ArcMap10. The ArcMap9.3 overlay raster files perfectly aligned as we all desired, but ArcMap10 did not.



From the ESRI website, I got to know that the issue of misalignment of Tiff in ArcMap10 is a bug in ArcGIS 10. The ESRI team announced two solutions to solve Tiff shift into wrong geographic locations:


2) Updating ArcGIS10 service pack 1 to ArcGIS10 Service Pack 2:

Even I installed the patch and SP2; it did not work in my system. 

Those updates supposed to be change the underlying GDAL in the ArcGIS but didn't  work in our case. Therefore, we decided to work using separate GDAL module to bypass the dependancy of ArcPy while working with Tiff. I will write back how much progress we make with GDAL.

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