Thursday, February 9, 2012

An Interactive Visualization using Geoserver & Openlayers

From last couples of week, I have been involving to develop a interactive web interface for West Nile virus incidence dissemination across the conterminous US from 1999-2011.

The image on the right shows one of my accomplishment using
Geoserver,Openlayers,jQuery, PostgreGIS,and Google API. The project is about to launch online, then I will post a complete link of the project to let you guys play around it.

Click to visit: Web application

I am willing to help any one who is stuck with web maps/visualization and also seek constructive criticism on web stuffs.

Geoserver , Google API , jQuery , Openlayers , PostgreGIS


  1. Hi,
    Am Joseph. Am working on a project where at some point I need to visualize road traffic jam on openstreetmap. I would be grateful for any opensource recommendations you suggest to achieve near quality like

  2. Hi Joseph,

    I would prefer to use Geoserver or UMN Mapserver as a map render with OSM using Openlayers API. Regarding traffic jam you can store your traffic information as well as road information into PostGIS database, the traffic info.should be updated in timely manner as I assumed, and then you can load the traffic map dynamically into the OSM in timely manner. In my case, I used Geoserver, Openlayers, JS/Jquery, PostGIS, Google Visualization APIs & Php for my project and all of them are Opensource.

    For the silk map you may use Flex API and Google Maps Flash API with Openlayers but I haven't tried them.However my visualization looks good and runs fast in the standard web bowers.



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