Tuesday, September 25, 2012

GIS for Web developers :Book Review

Since smartphone arrived, GIS app development and GIS web development are become lucrative jobs. GIS application development is not limited with a particular domain, often people lost in the wilderness of GIS if they don’t have multidisciplinary concepts on computer programming, geography, spatial statistics, database and so forth. It is really important to get crisp knowledge while GIS application development.

GIS for Web Developers introduces Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in simple terms and demonstrates hands-on uses. With this book, you'll explore popular websites like maps.google.com, see the technologies they use, and learn how to create your own. Written with the usual Pragmatic Bookshelf humor and real-world experience, GIS for Web Developers makes geographic programming concepts accessible to the common developer.

I really enjoyed the book “GIS for Web Developers addingwhere to your web applications”, it introduces the all concepts mentioned above in very succinct and understandable way. In addition, it has nice combination of real world web application examples and the open source tools available for the GIS developers.

So don’t get behind put a new copy of book in your shelf.

Book Review


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