Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Geography of Pizza : Trying to Explore VGI and Crowd Sourcing

 Mark Turgeon, a graduate student studying GIS at California State University is studying and analyzing regional pizza preferences, styles and identity as his MS thesis. To collect anonymous data about the regional pizza preferences he built up a nice survey website, geographyofpizza.com.

He classified pizzas by:

  1. Style
  2. Crust
  3. Cheese
  4. Sauce   
  5. Toppings
  6. Sold by
  7. Slices Cut
  8. Oven
Check it out and help him in collecting data or know about pizza more.

His first hypothesis revolves around pizza-style preference, identity, common regional styles and the idea of home, and the second hypothesis deals with Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) and the uses of social media and crowd-sourced data to acquire information for web-based mapping.

Mark says “When I have enough data, I intend to create a dot-density map, and a radial flow map, among other possible maps, in order to illustrate the regional pizza landscape and if changes in location affect pizza preference.”  on his survey request email.

 Best of luck Mark, we are waiting to see your cool results.

Crowd Sourcing , Geography , Volunteered Geographic Information


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