Friday, February 8, 2013

Watch Online NASA Launching New Satellite: LDCM/Landsat 8

Today, February 11, the next Landsat (LDCM/Landsat 8 will be launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base at 1802-1850 GMT .

The launch of LDCM is scheduled for just over 90 minutes.Click the following link to watch NASA HD stream of LDCM launch.

If you are interested in watching it will be streamed on NASA Internet TV (see   Also see at for space flights information.

 “The data from Landsat spacecraft constitute the longest record of the Earth's continental surfaces as seen from space.  With the launch of the LDCM on Monday, February 11, the record will be continued and enhanced, providing data intrinsic to our geographic and Earth system science research.  Since 1972,
the U.S. Landsat Program has launched seven satellites, six of which have advanced and shaped research in all areas of Earth science. The consistency, longevity, and extent of the Landsat record remains unmatched (let us hope that LDCM launch is successful and that the data record continues).” one of the co-chairs of the Landsat Science team says.

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